Virtual office

Introducing ASTONVRSE™, the virtual office where you can log in any day of the year 24/7 with friends, family,... take a tour and get to know all the latest news from aston dealers, and whenever you need us our team will be with you, or rather our avatars are in a digital place where it's as real as life itself.

Astonvrse™ is your virtual universe where you can meet other people and network, interact and boost your business. If you are also our partner you can have your brand with maximum visibility exposed to anyone's eyes. We have at your disposal a "meeting room" so you can meet in private without other users listening to your conversations.

ASTONVRSE™ is the place for students to meet as if it were a live forum. You can share your screen to show graphics, documents, videos, etc.

ASTONVRSE™ is also the meeting space for angel investors who wish to learn about aston dealers' projects, as well as the different investment options best suited to their profile.


What do you need to know to access ASTONVRSE™?

1 - you can access ASTONVRSE™without virtual glasses, they are not necessary, through computer, tablet or mobile (these last two options require downloading the app). you can ALSO access with rv glasses to have an even more IMMERSIVE sensation. We recommend the glasses -oculus quest 2- we have them and the performance is of very high quality. The purchase is made directly with meta.

2 - Remember - you have 24/7 access - you log in whenever you want. You can take a tour of the entire virtual web space and if you need to you can request a virtual assistant to accompany you. You can log in with a random avatar or register on the platform to create your avatar with just a selfie. Enjoy this trip to the other world. See you inside.

3 - If you meet other people, you may or may not know them, it could be us or it could be a student and investor. But always with respect you can engage in conversation with whoever you want.

Want to access from your mobile device or tablet?

Aston Care

  • Monday to Friday 9.00h to 18.00h: 900 373 480 Toll free number : Direct Line
  • Keep up to date with the deals on our Blog and networks @Aston.Dealers
  • AstonVRse™ is the Virtual Office with VR and AR technology.