100% Classroom or Streaming_ Program

If you are passionate about the business world ASTON DEALERS® presents a 12-month program where you learn about everything related to business in your sector and we also design and create with you your own business:

In the company of up to 9 experts specialised in their respective areas.


Introduction to business, company creation, legal, taxation, headhunters, treasury, sales, marketing, cost and profit optimisation, expansion, B2B and B2C... 1 month and 100% practical.


Design and creation from scratch of your business project until its launch. Construction of departments and outsourcing. Globalisation. Launch after 12 months.


The course starts the first week of each month in classroom or streaming mode. Personalized one-to-one. LIMITED PLACES.

  • Mornings: 10.30h am - 13.00h pm
  • Afternoons: 16.00h pm - 18.30h pm
  • Other schedules on request

10 hours of mentoring to reinforce your Business Education and decision support.

  • 1 Digital curriculum certificate (NFT)

We are aimed at those entrepreneurs who want to start their own business from scratch, to know in depth how the legal, tax, labor, sales, marketing, ... all departments that require your knowledge and experience. No previous experience or training is required, if you are passionate about business and want to create your own you are in the right place. Expected term 12 months of direct support with Aston Dealers until its launch.

In this course you will learn all the technological tools and you will receive the knowledge of experts so that your management will be independent after the launch of your business with all the criteria and rigor that is needed for a successful project. In no case this course is a guarantee of success, you have the support and the know-how of 30 years of experience that we offer you to avoid the typical mistakes that happen on the way of your professional growth. You should not bring any referrals to the course to compensate its cost. Remember, high learning is not a guarantee of success either, besides, investing in your own project always entails profits and losses, leveraged or not.

Please don't waste your time and money if you are not sure. We hope you enjoy learning with us.

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This course can be financed at 0% interest with Aston Dealers® with a maximum term of 12 months. Contact us for more information on Aston Care™.

If you are about to book your place and the current offer expires, we will keep the -25% for 1 week to give you time to decide. Let us know as soon as possible from "ASTON CARE".

ASTON DEALERS® offers you a 25% discount when there are no current offers. It is a collaborating company of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the program for young people between 18 and 30 years old living in Catalunya. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CARNET JOVE, THEN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CURRENT OFFER. DISCOUNTS AND LIMITED PLACES.

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13.330€Taxes included

Only until the end of the month | Limited spaces available.

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