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The business world and financial markets are constantly changing, our training remains at the forefront with new technologies and financial legal regulations to provide you with an experience If you are passionate about financial markets and have an appetite for financial knowledge that will bring you your own benefits then you are just a click away, ASTON DEALERS® presents a 12-month program where you learn from scratch to move in a financial ecosystem without limits and from where we will give you the know-how that will allow you to make decisions with judgment, security and rigor. Our audience's favorite course, we present you our best seller:

In the company of up to 9 experts specialised in their respective areas.


3 levels in 3 months and 100% practical. Stock markets, capital markets, financial derivatives, technical and fundamental analysis, hedging, funds, corporate ... 50 teaching hours. From zero.


Continuous training from Academy Hub "Online Education Platform" for 9 months with over 30,000 hours of study with 24/7 access, support and mentoring.


The Course starts the first week of each month in Face-to-Face and Live Streaming mode. Schedules to choose:

  • Mornings: 10.30h am - 13.00h pm
  • Afternoons: 16.00h pm - 18.30h pm
  • Other schedules on request

10 hours of mentoring to reinforce your Financial Education and decision support.

  • 1 NFT curriculum certificate

We are aimed at individuals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and of course employees of financial institutions as well. No experience or academic background related to Finance is required, if you have it your learning will be faster. All our training is from scratch.

In this course you will learn all the technological tools and you will receive the knowledge of experts so that your management will be independent, with the criteria and rigor that is needed in the financial markets. In no case will you get rich or become a millionaire from today to tomorrow, nor should you bring any referrals to the course to compensate its cost. Remember, a high learning is not a guarantee of success either, besides, investing in the equity markets as well as in cryptocurrencies always entail profits and losses, whether leveraged or not remember leverage can be dangerous depending on how it is used for example: any mortgage is a leveraged product 1:5 minimum for the next 15-30 years. You should always evaluate the risk/return ratio, your psychology and your experience to make a proper management of your investments always assuming the results obtained.

Please don't waste your time and money if you are not sure. We hope you enjoy learning with us.

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ASTON DEALERS® is a collaborating company of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the program for young people between 18 and 30 years old living in Catalonia, and for people with a disability of more than 33% within the social inclusion.

We offer you a 30% discount on the net price of this course: 2.935€, leaving a final cost of 2.055€ + VAT per student. An In-Company classroom training ideal for employees without leaving your work.

Groups minimum 10 people.

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Impuestos incluidos. Sólo hasta 6-2-2023. Plazas limitadas para grupos máx de 6 personas.

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