Code of Ethics


Our corporate policy

Updated December 12, 2022. 

Welcome to our policy of seamless acceptance of the code of ethics.

ASTON DEALERS® places ethics at the heart of our business conduct involving a strong moral commitment andethical behavior, sustainability and the pursuit of continuous improvement are at the heart of how the company does business. There is no sustainable business without trust. And this trust is based, above all, on our ability to demonstrate our day-to-day commitment to integrity, honesty and responsible business management.

Since its inception in 2014, ASTON DEALERS® has expressed a determination to make ethics, sustainability and quality management the cornerstones of its business operations. More recently, the strengthening of our management in the field of innovation and the adoption of ambitious and concrete objectives for the coming years bear witness, once again, to our determination as well as to the seriousness of our approach. This culture of good practice, of course, in compliance with Spanish laws and regulations, as well as in commitment to our company's values and partnerships, is represented by each and every one of us. It is represented by each and every employee and collaborator in their daily activities, regardless of their nationality, location, position or seniority in the company.

This Code provides a framework of what is expected of each of us in our professional activities and when we are in contact with our employees, customers, ambassadors, shareholders and investors. It also defines our responsibility to the environment, which we are committed to protecting and on which we wish to reduce our impact, as well as to society at large, in which we intend to play our full role as a good, committed and responsible corporate citizen. We currently have the opportunity to rethink our beliefs as well as the ethical principles that should prevail in the places where we work and will work in the future following our policy of territorial expansion.

As a result of this reflection, our Code of Ethics was born, which establishes points of reference that should guide the actions of each individual in the exercise of his or her professional activity. These benchmarks cover issues such as respect for employees, gender equality in all aspects of professional life, the application of the main labor agreements and respect for the environment, all while listening to civil stakeholders in order to improve corporate sustainability and stability.

It also allows us to recall all the progress made to better prevent and detect corruption and influence peddling. Overseeing strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in this area, defining the necessary procedures and policies. We practice zero tolerance for any form of fraud and bad faith actions that damage the image and well-being of ASTON DEALERS® will be prosecuted, penalized and denounced.

In ethical issues, what we believe in and new challenges, tenacity, vigilance and continuous improvement are the pillars of this pragmatic approach. At a time when our company is completing its transformation to become the leading Business Training Academy, targeting both private and corporate clients, it is essential to remind everyone that nothing should be done outside an ethical framework - the only possible guarantee of longevity and development.

To conclude, it is especially important to remember here that the ethical system that ASTON DEALERS® incorporated several years ago, is vital, in favor of the care and protection of the brand and its history since 2014.