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ASTON DEALERS® is an international business academy based in Barcelona, born in 2014 with an innovative instinct for its original educational method: close, luxury professionals and within everyone's reach. Its pioneering attitude with university collaborations and institutions makes it an academic benchmark with the best training offer on the market.

You know your goals, and we know the shortest way to reach them.

Business Angels

ASTON DEALERS® is an angel investor in projects related to education, health, sustainability and technology. After analysing the assets: companies and projects, commodities, currencies, stock market indices in the current economic context, we have opted for diversification in a conservative long-term horizon.

We are sponsors of leading brands in the market: fc barcelona, aston martin and brian cross.

"Don't waste your talent, use it to its full potential".

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Receive your 25% discount on all original guided training any day of the year.

"ASTON DEALERS, a company collaborating with the Generalitat de Catalunya for the programme for young people aged between 18 and 30 living in Catalonia".



Aston Dealers ®, a leading firm in continuing financial education in classroom and online that differentiates itself by being the only one that offers in its curriculum Investment Hedging since 2014, the stock market course offers you a different learning experience from the traditional by surrounding yourself with a financial ecosystem from minute one in the company of our experts backed by more than 10 years of experience in the financial markets.

The training starts from scratch with the Stock Market Course divided into 3 levels - beginner, advanced and professional - which, if you choose to attend the course, we have a closed calendar every year from Monday to Friday with morning and afternoon timetables in Barcelona (Spain). If you prefer, for reasons of time and distance, you can train at your own pace by accessing the AD Virtual Campus from your computer with direct access to all the financial content: pdf manuals, video tutorials, forum, basic and advanced technical analysis, exemplary operations in scalping, day trading, swing trading, investment in cash and financial derivatives, investment hedging, direct line with the speakers (24/7), all aimed at an increasingly informed and more demanding user who seeks to develop his own investment strategy.

If you are a lover of trading and feel you have a vocation for this profession of independent investor (trader), then we want to be your financial academy, no matter your age, our stock market course is for you; we know that you are not only looking to learn efficiently but also in the short term, we know that you are not looking for promises but results, and above all, you are not looking to earn 1 time, you prefer constant profits.

Aston Dealers ® accompanies you every step of the way: from your first analysis on practice platforms, creating your investment strategy to your trades with real capital in the future. We know how important it is to receive expert support at all times, as an experienced investor never stops learning about the financial markets: markets are changing and investors are always adapting to them, which is why Aston Dealers ® provides you with continuous training through our Trader's Club where you have unlimited access, as well as interacting with other students, investors, experts and speakers. It's up to you to become a better investor, we'll take care of the rest.